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The sport in Australia

Now, I would like to talk about the Australian’s sports. The most important sport in Australia is the surf, it is normal because Australia is an island. Surfing is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. In Australia, you can find the best surf spot of the world like in Coolangatta. You can also find the best surfers like Nate Young or his son, Beau Young. It is a fantastic sport but it is a bit dangerous. You can meet sharks, even if it is rare. You can also be attacked by the sun, that’s why you have to protect you skin. I tried surf in Australia and it was a wonderful experience, I’ll never forget that !


There is an other sport very famous in Australia : the Australian’s football called « Australian Rules » or « Footy ». It is amusing to see a match. I had the chance to find tickets to see a game in Sydney at the ANZ stadium. It was extraordinary to see that, the stadium was tremendous and the atmosphere was great. This sport is very important in Australia and everybody support proudly his team. It is impressive. 




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