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The aborigines

During my Australian’s trip, I learnt many things about the aborigines and their history. The aborigines were the first persons living in Australia.

Before than the english arrive, the aborigines were living in australia since 24000. In 1788, James Cook tooked up Australia and colonised the aborigines. I particulary learnt many things about the stolen generation. From 1869 to 1969, the aborigines childrens and particulary the crossed (with an aborigine mother and a white father ) were moved. The english wanted to delete the aboriginal race and to do that, they took aborigenes chlids and they put them in camps for aborigines to change them in a white race. On february, 13th, 2008, theAustralian’s 1st minister make apologizes for all the horrors did to the aborigines. Currently, the aborigines have cars and live in modern house  but they often leave their modern life to fish and hunt.



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