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I just returned from a stay in Australia and I want to share my great experience. My trip lasted a month and I have visited all Australia. I have seen the desert, the forest, the sea and historical places, that’s why my experience is very various. Australia is a huge country with a rich culture […]

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During my trip, I went to Sydney. It’s a huge and wonderful city. I have been to the Australian Museum and the visit was really interesting. I saw the collection of the australian history to complete my knowledge about the aborigines. I also learnt many things about Australia and his characteristics. I also had the […]

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The aborigines

During my Australian’s trip, I learnt many things about the aborigines and their history. The aborigines were the first persons living in Australia. Before than the english arrive, the aborigines were living in australia since 24000. In 1788, James Cook tooked up Australia and colonised the aborigines. I particulary learnt many things about the stolen […]

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My meetings

During my Australian visit, I met a lot of persons. The first person I met was an aborigine called Pintupi. He said that his name is a familial heritage and he is proud of it. Pintupi told me his lifestyle. He lives in a little city next to Halls Creek in a little house not […]

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My visits

I have visited Sydney but I have ever talk about this fantastic city but I can share you my experience with the Australian’s desert. I went to the red valley in the desert. It was really beautiful but really hot !! I saw gorgeous landscapes, particulary at sunrise. I also went to pinnacles desert where […]

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The sport in Australia

Now, I would like to talk about the Australian’s sports. The most important sport in Australia is the surf, it is normal because Australia is an island. Surfing is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. In Australia, you can find the best surf spot of the world like in Coolangatta. You can also […]

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The Australian culture and lifestyle

The lifestyle of most Australians looks like to the habitants of any westernized country lifestyle, with a tendency to Americanization. English traditions are also present like cricket, beer pub, the school uniform… Another fundamental element in the lifes of Australians is the beach. Surfing, beach cricket, sailing, diving, relaxing, barbecue … all are good reasons […]

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